A Superhero Show I Can Get Behind: Sweet/Vicious

Like many people, the saturated market of superhero franchises on TV and movies has all but turned me off of the genre. In particular, I object to the way that in these worlds superheroes are allowed to subvert criminal justice systems--as broken as they are--to commit vigilante violence. I'm no expert but I think in … Continue reading A Superhero Show I Can Get Behind: Sweet/Vicious

Checking in with UnREAL (eps. 1-6)

With the first six episodes having aired, and a second season just confirmed, let's check back with UnREAL, the break out show of the summer, which Swells first reviewed after its premiere. (Can I call it that? The break out show? Yeah. I'm going to call it that. I mean, Vulture went so far as to call it … Continue reading Checking in with UnREAL (eps. 1-6)