Divorce: The 1980 Oscars

Historian Elaine Tyler May has argued that preoccupation with the family--political cries for family values and the like--is usually a response to political changes, rather than demographic ones. Panic about the family is often a conservative response to perceived threats to the American nation. In the U.S., you see focus on the family particularly in the 1950s … Continue reading Divorce: The 1980 Oscars

Watergate Does Not Bother Me: the 1977 Oscars

When I started this post I thought it was going to be about journalism and Watergate. But it turns out these movies have a lot more to do with anger, resentment, and masculinity--by 1976 (the year the movies came out), this was how political weariness manifested. In all the movies I saw, the city streets … Continue reading Watergate Does Not Bother Me: the 1977 Oscars

Sidney Poitier, #OscarsSoWhite, and the 1968 Oscars

I've finally watched all 5 Best Picture nominees! These movies are pretty solid, so in several of the categories I think multiple nominees deserved to win. But it was 1968, and so political and social issues were paramount. Perhaps more than most years, it was important to acknowledge films of substance. Of the Best Picture nominees, … Continue reading Sidney Poitier, #OscarsSoWhite, and the 1968 Oscars