Fatness and Other

I like Noah Hawley. His shows are beautiful and interesting and I'm excited he's creating television. I really enjoy Fargo (especially season 2), and I'm intrigued enough to keep watching Legion. When I saw that there was an interview between Noah Hawley and Andy Greenwald on The Watch podcast feed, I was excited. I made sure to catch … Continue reading Fatness and Other

A Superhero Show I Can Get Behind: Sweet/Vicious

Like many people, the saturated market of superhero franchises on TV and movies has all but turned me off of the genre. In particular, I object to the way that in these worlds superheroes are allowed to subvert criminal justice systems--as broken as they are--to commit vigilante violence. I'm no expert but I think in … Continue reading A Superhero Show I Can Get Behind: Sweet/Vicious

Bad Choices and Women’s Sexual Agency: The 1989 Oscars

As we've seen already, the 80s were not a time when the Academy rewarded movies for visual artistry or innovative storytelling. Many of the movies nominated were not great. Yet a subset of these nominees (if not winners) had some interesting things to say about women's sexuality, and the way white women have used it in … Continue reading Bad Choices and Women’s Sexual Agency: The 1989 Oscars

Top 5: Getting Curious

When you're newly in love, you want to shout it from the rooftops. I first fell for Jonathan Van Ness years ago, when the world was gifted with his 'Gay of Thrones' recaps.  If you're reading this blog I have to assume you're familiar with the videos. Now he's hosing a monthly podcast called 'Getting … Continue reading Top 5: Getting Curious

Love Triangles and Change Over Time

∆ Delta. Change. Math. I got halfway through my binge of season one of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend before I realized that it has the same love triangle as Broadcast News. They both feature an intelligent female protagonist who is great at her job but also high-strung. She is torn between a sarcastic, smart guy who is into her but also … Continue reading Love Triangles and Change Over Time

Reboots and Reconsiderations

Delayed take: I kinda hated Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Mild spoilers to follow. I went in with an open mind. I've read plays before, and I was willing to give it a pass on some things. But it was bad. There were some bad plot points and some horrible dialogue. Maybe with some talented actors … Continue reading Reboots and Reconsiderations

Highs and Lows: the 1979 Oscars

As we've seen, some Oscar years are very serious. Others are not. This one is a grab bag. We have two serious films about Vietnam, The Deer Hunter and Coming Home, a "prison drama" in Midnight Express, a PG romp in Heaven Can Wait, and a comedic examination of single womanhood in An Unmarried Woman. It's a strange combo.   I imagine most of the … Continue reading Highs and Lows: the 1979 Oscars