‘Cause Stella Said So: Top 10 Stella Gibson Moments

[This is part of my ongoing mission to clear my "drafts" box, which currently has 20+ blog post drafts in various degrees of completion. Half of this was composed in November, and the rest was finished in March.] As a post on the blog Villainness observed about The Fall, "Never before has a show had so many … Continue reading ‘Cause Stella Said So: Top 10 Stella Gibson Moments

Fatness and Other

I like Noah Hawley. His shows are beautiful and interesting and I'm excited he's creating television. I really enjoy Fargo (especially season 2), and I'm intrigued enough to keep watching Legion. When I saw that there was an interview between Noah Hawley and Andy Greenwald on The Watch podcast feed, I was excited. I made sure to catch … Continue reading Fatness and Other

A Superhero Show I Can Get Behind: Sweet/Vicious

Like many people, the saturated market of superhero franchises on TV and movies has all but turned me off of the genre. In particular, I object to the way that in these worlds superheroes are allowed to subvert criminal justice systems--as broken as they are--to commit vigilante violence. I'm no expert but I think in … Continue reading A Superhero Show I Can Get Behind: Sweet/Vicious

Love Triangles and Change Over Time

∆ Delta. Change. Math. I got halfway through my binge of season one of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend before I realized that it has the same love triangle as Broadcast News. They both feature an intelligent female protagonist who is great at her job but also high-strung. She is torn between a sarcastic, smart guy who is into her but also … Continue reading Love Triangles and Change Over Time

Reboots and Reconsiderations

Delayed take: I kinda hated Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Mild spoilers to follow. I went in with an open mind. I've read plays before, and I was willing to give it a pass on some things. But it was bad. There were some bad plot points and some horrible dialogue. Maybe with some talented actors … Continue reading Reboots and Reconsiderations

Bored this summer? Try ‘Fresh Meat’

In my senior year of college I stumbled upon a trailer for a new UK comedy from the creators of Peep Show.  Five years later, the show has just come to an end and I have thoughts. Fresh Meat follows 6 undergraduates at an unremarkable university in Manchester. Similar to Community, its bread and butter is crafting … Continue reading Bored this summer? Try ‘Fresh Meat’

Ep. Review: Outlander 2.6 “Best Laid Schemes”

The thing about the book Outlander is that there are so many subplots that the show version can, at times, feel disconnected from itself. Much like Jamie and Claire struggle to stay on the same page, the historical events and plots and external issues sometimes seem pull away from the central characters' relationship and journey. This … Continue reading Ep. Review: Outlander 2.6 “Best Laid Schemes”