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We’ve got one local movie theater in town, where tickets are $10 and they only take cash.  I maintain that a $10 ticket is prohibitively expensive, and any business that only takes cash isn’t properly reporting their full earnings to the IRS.  So long story short, I don’t see movies in theaters very often. But I did see Lady Bird last night!

I think it’s a beautiful movie that you should all see. I cried through the ending scene, and on the drive home. Then I called my mom and apologized for being such a shit as a teenager.  However, which I think it’s great, I didn’t think it was quite the transformative experience some people on Twitter implied it is.  I loved it as much as I loved Brooklyn, which is a lot. But I’m worried Lady Bird is getting a little over-hyped. But maybe I’m just salty because the movie shits on UC Davis a little bit.


So I’m currently switching between a Tessa Dare book and A Court of Thorn and Roses, but what I really want to mention is Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion, by Elizabeth Cline

It’s a quick read, that covers things you probably already know–fast fashion is terrible for the environment, and relies on abusive cheap labor. What stuck out to me, which not as ethically wrong as the above mentioned, is how fast fashion has so drastically lowered the quality of the clothing we buy, from Forever 21 items, which you expect to deteriorate after a few washes, to items from higher end retailers like J. Crew, which have had to cut labor and material costs dramatically, even if they’re not cutting the cost of their items at retail.   It’s obviously not ethically damning like the above mentioned labor abuse and environmental damage, but made me reflect on my purchase history (I’m a monster)



And Season 2 is much tighter than season 1.  I’m only on episode 5 and can’t quite put my finger on what is working better this time around–maybe a quicker pacing? Or maybe the lack of Winston Churchill, which Season 1 focused on too much, I’d argue. Either way, beautiful costumes and crumbling European empires make for great TV.

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