What I’m watching/reading/streaming this week


This week’s most pressing decision was the choice of which show I’d pick as a palate cleaners to The Handmaid’s Tale. Would it be The Bold Type, or Younger?  Y’all, I agonized.  The Bold Type won out, mostly cause it’s easier to catch up on 5 episodes than 3 full seasons.  Cute show. Can’t stop thinking about Melora Hardin’s music career whenever she’s on screen.


Last week I stopped reading a book because of it’s elitist tone. This week I’m reading a mystery about an aristocrat.

I started with this series because the first entry was one of the shortest books in Coco’s Audible account.  I’ve stuck with them because they appeal to a part of my brain that must have been shaped by a childhood love for the Baby Sitter’s Club books, and a teenage love of the film Gosford Park.

Like the Baby Sitter’s books, this series is so rout and formulaic in a way that is incredibly comforting, so long as you enjoy the world they’re set in.  And I do, thanks to an enjoyment of all things English gentry and interwar period.  It’s total literary comfort food and I’m all about it this week.


The big news is that I missed signing up for Spotify in 2008 but have now rectified that, joining you all in the modern world. I don’t understand how it works and haven’t used it since downloading the app. The first song they tried to make me listen to was ‘Californication’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I hate ‘Californication’ and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Exciting times.

4 thoughts on “What I’m watching/reading/streaming this week

  1. “I started with this series because the first entry was one of the shortest books in Coco’s Audible account.” Hilarious and honest reason to pick it! I’ve read maybe four or five in the series, and I, too, find them pleasant and enjoyable for the most part. My only gripe is that I can get frustrated by the slooooow burn (occasionally nonexistent) romance, as you know I need me some romance!! I mean, I can get down with a slow burn, and I’ll commit to super lengthy multiple-book series, but I prefer some sexual pay off!

    (Also love The Bold Type.)

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    1. Oh my god the slow burn romance is toooooooooo sloooooow. In book five I think Darcy got to second base and I about lost it. In this book all they do is kiss a few times. It’s my one major complaint about the series. Just bone already! In extensive detail!


  2. I cannot get over the fact that you just now are dabbling with Spotify and–dare I say it–you’re doing it wrong. You pick the songs and can easily ignore the recommendations!

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