What I’m watching/reading/streaming this week


This week’s most pressing decision was the choice of which show I’d pick as a palate cleaners to The Handmaid’s Tale. Would it be The Bold Type, or Younger?  Y’all, I agonized.  The Bold Type won out, mostly cause it’s easier to catch up on 5 episodes than 3 full seasons.  Cute show. Can’t stop thinking about Melora Hardin’s music career whenever she’s on screen.


Last week I stopped reading a book because of it’s elitist tone. This week I’m reading a mystery about an aristocrat.

I started with this series because the first entry was one of the shortest books in Coco’s Audible account.  I’ve stuck with them because they appeal to a part of my brain that must have been shaped by a childhood love for the Baby Sitter’s Club books, and a teenage love of the film Gosford Park.

Like the Baby Sitter’s books, this series is so rout and formulaic in a way that is incredibly comforting, so long as you enjoy the world they’re set in.  And I do, thanks to an enjoyment of all things English gentry and interwar period.  It’s total literary comfort food and I’m all about it this week.


The big news is that I missed signing up for Spotify in 2008 but have now rectified that, joining you all in the modern world. I don’t understand how it works and haven’t used it since downloading the app. The first song they tried to make me listen to was ‘Californication’ by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I hate ‘Californication’ and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Exciting times.

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