What I’m watching/reading/streaming this week



Last night I finished episode 6 of The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s really good. I mean, you all know that.  I was very suspicious of Yvonne Strahovski’s casting as Serena Joy, primarily as she is so much younger than the character is written.  Faye Dunaway’s performance as Serena is one of the few good things about the 90s film version.  But much like Alexis Bledel, I was completely taken by surprise at how good she is in the role. However, oddly given that 6 was really ‘her’ episode, I thought it may have been her weakest?  Or, she’s better in smaller moments and/or I think there is more to the character and I hope she gets a few more backstory scenes to explore it.

Also, American Vandal looks really funny, and I love this thow back interview with Ru Paul (Our bodies are just flesh that contain our souls! Saturn returns will mess you up when you’re 28!)



I started the week reading ‘Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris by Graham Robb, which is a collection of personal narratives that explore the human geography of the city.  It started out interesting enough, with an account of how Napoleon lost his virginity to a sex worker in the Palais-Royal, and then investigated who the sex worker may have been and positing the path her life may have taken given waves of legislation and political unrest in the city over the next 40 years.  But while the book is marketed as one that focuses on the story of the city’s lesser known inhabitants, the second chapter is about Marie Antoinette, and the chapter on the inspiration for La Bohème’s Mimi, is equally about Henri Murger.

The point where I committed to skimming was where Robb discussed  Louis Daguerre’s 1838 photograph, ‘Boulevard du Temple in Paris’

This image is described by Robb (and many others) as featuring a man at a shoe shine, aka the first photograph of a person in history.

But there are two fucking people in the photo. Yet Robb and a host of others completely ignore the shoe shiner, solely focusing on the man having his shoes shined.  What I’m saying is Robb is an elitist, and we need to imprison the rich and seize the means of production.


I’m catching up on Chapo, and was listening to the Tabletop Game Theory–“The Pizza in the Gate” series while doing some rehousing in the museum vault.  Our intern walked in, heard what I was listening to, and now thinks I’m a weirdo. So it goes…

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