What I’m watching/reading/streaming this week


I’m in the middle of The Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable, which in theory should get me excited for my upcoming vacation, but is really a study in the slow growth of hatred for a main character.  She started off fine, but by page 185 I wanted to backhand her. Which is maybe the point, but doesn’t mean I have to like it.


I’m on the last 20 minutes of The White Princess, which has been surprisingly enjoyable and low on cringe, but far from perfect.  Most of the cast is good, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the two leads playing Elizabeth York and Henry VII.  I’m also ready to crown this as my favorite sex scene of 2017:


I spent most of this week catching up on You Must Remember This–Jean and Jane, which is quality, as always, and has enhanced my love of Jane Fonda.


This week has been a study in “pleasant, not particularly inspiring”

What are you all reading/watching/streaming?

4 thoughts on “What I’m watching/reading/streaming this week

    1. Sex scene, mutual masturbation scene, third base scene–I just really dug it–it was sexy despite featuring no nudity, and it helped you understand the two characters, while also furthering their development.

      And I would really like to hear your thoughts on Jean and Jane. I just finished the episode that traces Jane’s role in Barbarella to the beginning of her activism. There are certainly some disquieting moments in her bio, but that episode just really connected me to Jane and her emotional evolution.


  1. Love this update! It sucks when you start to hate the character in a book, in my opinion. Like, even when that’s the author’s point, I struggle with that emotion!

    I’d been off podcasts for awhile, but really jumped back into several this past week after my IC visit, and though I saw the newish YMRT ones, I haven’t listened yet! I’m excited to now, though! I obv did my light, gossipy ones first—like Who Weekly (and Busy’s new “We’re No Doctors” hypochondriac/health pod!)—and then my recap ones for Bachelorette and GoT (priorities!), and now I’m finishing up some back episodes that looked interesting of Intelligence Squared and In Our Time. Oh, and a few eps of a prison pod called Ear Hustle that I found fairly engrossing.

    Good job for posting! I’ll try to get something short up soon, too! :)

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    1. Yeah, when I think unlikable narrator, I aways think of The Magicians. I get why an author would want to write and unlikable narrator, but that doesn’t mean I’ll want to spend 6 hours with them.

      Just heard about Ear Hustle on a Vulture write up of top podcasts–sounds really interesting, can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


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