Un-learning Friendship: the Descent of Alicia Florrick

Many people have already expressed their thoughts on the Good Wife finale [spoiler alert], so I’m just going to put a couple here. Maybe we just put too much pressure on series finales, but it is the end of the story. It should matter.



What we learned on Sunday was that Alicia Florrick’s journey was that of the villain. Think Star Wars prequels. Or The Godfather. I like that she stopped caring so much about what other people thought. I like that she finally threw caution to the wind and had an affair with Denny Jason (Jeffrey Dean Morgan will always be some combination of his characters from Grey’s Anatomy and The Watchmen to me and that makes me feel weird).

I like that the finale had symmetry with the pilot. I like that Alicia and Peter are divorcing, even though he’s going to jail. (That’s what’s happening, right? I got lost in the sea of plea deals at the end).


I didn’t like that this came at the cost of her ability to form meaningful friendships, notably with Diane and Cary. It seems like in the course of her journey, Alicia learned that she needed to be more selfish, which meant selling out everyone around her to do what she wanted. In the finale, that was Diane.


As you may have heard, in the pilot Alicia slaps Peter for making her stand next to him while he admitted to soliciting prostitutes. In the finale, Diane slaps Alicia for exposing [what appears to be] Kurt’s infidelities.

2016-05-09 00_23_50
He deserved it


So did she

I was upset that the Kings decided to end their show by shitting on all the relationships we’ve watched develop as we see Saint Alicia betraying both Cary and Diane. Cary started disappearing from the show mid-season (I assume to go to Star’s Hollow), and I truly mourn the platonic work marriage that was Alicia and Cary circa season 5. But it seemed that Alicia was ditching Cary for Diane, and I was interested to see where their relationship (which has always had its ups and downs) was going. I was leaning in for an all-female firm.

Dat smile tho

But nope, Alicia’s arc was to inflict on someone else the very punishment she had from the beginning: a public airing of a couple’s dirty laundry. It’s cold and it goes against all the rules of friendship, of the strong female variety or not. It seems odd, because I don’t think the Kings decided to make her a bad guy until this season. Since it seems like all that Julianna Margulies v. Archie Panjabi drama was real [#TeamKalinda], maybe the Kings just decided to write that into her character. Doesn’t play well with others. Never mind that it was a major personality departure for Alicia.


Maybe it’s because Will died [let’s blame Josh Charles]. Totally hated his return in the finale; it seemed so un-earned. If Alicia has lost our admiration, why remind us of her time with Will? I did like that he punched a hole in her nostalgia, but other than that it was pointless. And him helping her decide between Peter and Jason, like it’s a weighty romantic choice on par with Peter v. Will? I don’t think so. For a show that’s usually so well-constructed, it was just disappointing. But I’m glad it’s over.


Shoot, this was supposed to be short. I hope Alicia can re-learn friendship through Lucca. I hope Denny/Jason did leave without her. They seemed better as a short-term sexual tryst than a relationship anyway. I hope Diane kicks her out of the firm and Alicia goes back to lawyering and drinking margaritas in her home. Or maybe she’ll have another ill-fated political bid. She seems to have the temperament for it now.

2016-05-09 01_12_52

2 thoughts on “Un-learning Friendship: the Descent of Alicia Florrick

  1. This is great! I’m glad you posted it. I might still have to post something, too, because my feelings are not quite set on it yet. I’m so torn over that slap heard round the world!! (And just Alicia in general.) But you’re definitely right about the dismantling of their friendship! PS – lurve the title.

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