100ish Reasons to Watch CW’s The 100!

If you’ve heard a surprising amount of chatter about something called “The 100” (= The Hundred) of late, I’m not surprised. This is probably due to the fact that the third season just premiered a few weeks ago after a pretty long break and the second season was particularly strong. (For interesting reads from io9, the Mary Sue, HuffPo, and more, try here, here, here, hereherehere, and here.) It’s an easy show to get caught up on, as well, because the first season only has 13 episodes and the second season has 16! (And they’re available to stream on Netflix!) I mean, it’s not *nothing* but they’re not gigantic twenty-plus seasons like some shows, so it’ll go fast.

The premise is that it’s been a century since the earth was destroyed(ish) by nuclear war and a group of humans (they think they’re the only ones “left”) have been living on a spaceship since then, surviving with difficulty and some pretty strict laws. Facing tough decisions with regard to survivability on the Ark (their ship), they decide to test whether earth is survivable by sending 100 teens convicted of various crimes to the ground on a fact-finding mission that immediately goes to hell. It’s pretty Lord of the Flies at times, but is more original as time goes on. Here’s the thing to remember, though, the first season starts out kinda basic and even lame at times. So, you have to get through the first half of the first season, but things steadily improve. So, here’s my 100ish reasons and gifs to convince you to watch The Hundred! [Minor spoilers ahead.]

  1. The Boss Ladies! Holy Hell. This show is overflowing with women in charge of shit. Badass women. Warrior women. Smart women. Emotional women. Cut-throat women. Flawed women. Etc. Clarke, Anya, Octavia, Raven, Lexa, Abby, Indra, and Maya, to name a few (see numbers 2-9). They’re all amazing and have different qualities, backgrounds, interests, and they are often in conflict with one another.
  2. Clarke. Clarke is the seemingly less-than-interesting-but-actually-interesting blonde lead. Formerly called Princess by her fellow delinquents, she becomes the de facto leader of the 100 and then basically all of the “Sky People,” which is what the Grounders call everyone from the Ark. She deals with some major shit and her character really develops as she has to deal with all sorts of life-and-death decisions. We_are_grounders_part_2_clarke_griffin
  3. Anya. Anya’s the first Grounder leader we meet. Let’s all sit back and admire her beauty. Her face is enough of a reason to watch the show… but she’s also supremely dedicated to her people, though a strong enough of a leader to consider multiple options when faced with foreign policy decisions.giphy-1
  4. Octavia. Her character is pretty great, and you kind of have to see it. She probably changes the most, along with Clarke, though in different ways. She has a back story that helps flesh out what seems initially like a rather bland character.tumblr_nemz0aEuqs1qlyuevo2_500.gifqgG5tVQ
  5. Raven. Raven’s the resident mechanic/engineer/brainiac, plus she’s gorgeous and gives good advice. tumblr_n4c3rrvRtF1qd67a3o1_250tumblr_n9jgnroN6I1rk0jfwo8_250
  6. Lexa. This is the Commander of the Grounders and she’s experienced her fair share of heartache, frequently deals with tough issues of life and death, and is all together fascinating. tumblr_inline_ni5jrgmHEC1smxto4.giftumblr_inline_nli5b4MrF91shgp0v
  7. Abby. Abby is a doctor and one of the leaders on the ark, and of the people who make it to earth. She and Clarke have a difficult mother-daughter relationship. We_are_grounders_part_2_abby_griffinabby-griffin-the-100-gif
  8. Indra. Indra is a commander for the grounders and she is tough as all get out, but she unbends enough from time to time and has interesting relationships with some of the sky people, especially Octavia.tumblr_njdfyuFese1rx3huuo2_500
  9. Maya. When we meet Maya, she seems pretty weak, but she proves herself and exhibits her own, quieter brand of badassery.tumblr_ndvp2cLVfc1twkyvlo2_500
  10. The eye make-up / war paint of the grounders, which makes me want to use a heavy hand with my eyeliner next time I go out. It’s like an exaggerated version of mascara tears that flips the script and is instead a fearsome mask.tumblr_nryi0kKxgl1tbhcf3o1_250
  11. The hair’spiration. I love both fantasy genre hair and post-apocalyptic hair styles in shows! (Except for Clark, her hair is borrrring pre season 3.)768f5c461d581c37543e1014524e13a3.gif
  12. Tears, dramatic displays of grief and frustration, and all the delicious pathos that I love so much (and can’t experience myself, as a robot.)raven-clarke
  13. (Like in any CW show…) The teens run shit—but they do so in a way that is still plausible because it reflects their experiences and everything they’ve endured, even in such a short time. Raven sums it up nicely.tumblr_nfbln2R3Cd1qlv6abo2_500
  14. The adults kind of laughingly think they’ll reassume leadership positions when they get to earth. Riiiight… tumblr_ndwvzyAFSz1tq8fico3_400
  15. So, even when the teens are in charge, their roles are contested.
  16. Space! Spacesuits! A ship called the Ark!tumblr_n6ib5sPZt11r8voito2_500tumblr_ngggfzYyok1qmc1vho2_500
  17. The post-apocalyptic natural world, which is occasionally different than it was before (and only occasionally, which is kind of funny because it’s rather inconsistent, but that’s television, so, ya know).  tumblr_n35k6xaxKO1s0t9k2o2_250tumblr_n2y8l8OWCf1twx757o7_r1_250.gif
  18. Octavia’s reaction to landing on earth: “We’re back, bitches!” It’s basically the 21st-century equivalent of Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk muttering. One small step… whatever, we’re here, bitches!tumblr_nloq02wmtr1u9qy23o1_250
  19. Bleeding eyes! I love this cinematic trick. Genuinely creepy.tumblr_n5zphpTfPf1twkyvlo1_250
  20. The powers-at-be on the Ark send all 100 juveniles convicted of crimes to earth on what many of them think might be a suicide mission. Like, talk about getting touch on crime! On the other hand, this is definitely one way to lower the prison population. (Take note, presidential candidates! Send inmates them to Mars to free up space!)tumblr_n9qnz964uH1tx3f5co1_250tumblr_inline_npjo5wPuvs1shgp0v_500.gif
  21. Impulsive teenagers who do typical BFF type things like purposely getting arrested to risk death-by-mission-to-earth just ’cause your bestie is… their version of “can’t bail you out of jail because I’ll bee there beside you”! tumblr_inline_nn3jpwqfTq1shgp0v_500
  22. The hottie grounder otherwise known as Lincoln (aka Ricky Whittle, soon to be starring in American Gods). Indra_forgives_Linoln_2
  23. Torture and debates about torture! (He makes torture look good, I know.)tumblr_inline_nifl8lVpY91t7zca0
  24. Star-crossed lovers! Because, duh. 503bb4a1619eb74642245ba4a5b3152c
  25. Explosions! Bombs! And the women who make them!tumblr_ng649levpj1twsfkqo1_250
  26. The ethics and realities of population control. tumblr_inline_nlzxzw9tZP1shgp0v
  27. Capital punishments are meted out on the Ark via “floating”. Harsh! tumblr_inline_nxo8adP3ov1sewt47_500
  28. The friendship between Clarke and Bellamy. the-100-season-2-bellarke-reunion-gif-1
  29. The affects of violence (whether one is on the receiving or giving end) are varied and extreme, but not ignored, which makes the show interesting. tumblr_nfh4waMxgW1qdrgvwo2_500-1438192001tumblr_inline_nroi0s1TmX1shgp0v_500
  30. The tension between Clarke and Lexa.
  31. The burdens of leadership are heavy. tumblr_inline_nli5b4MrF91shgp0v
  32. The price of survival is high…The-100-209-Weak1-by Seaquell via Tumblr
  33. …And it’s frequently debated among everyone.tumblr_nv8treYIpd1slzt2wo1_250
  34. Retribution, baby.
  35. The friendship between these two! Monty_and_jasper_the_100_omgtumblr_nh5pgqBuGu1tzemsqo1_500
  36. They always have mud or blood on their faces, like nbd. tumblr_inline_ndx56jy8zV1qf1c34
  37. Watch it for this sliding kick move alone!tumblr_nm6hlbcOvp1s38ibgo2_500
  38. One of the grounder methods of execution is death by a thousand cuts, or close to it. The-100-2-1447105416
  39. So bloodthirsty! tumblr_inline_nkyk4hOw3q1to74h4
  40. This guy’s story. Seems like a typical villain, but he’s not. Self proclaimed, “not a hero”.
  41. But there’s still time for sex, romance, and heartache! tumblr_n6of10Z0wX1r6s7m3o7_250.gif 2


I could go on… but I’m so tired and also I’ve actually tried not to spoil too much? So, I have to stop now. 41 aint bad, right? I need to stop because I’m already thinking of more I should add, like I left out some of the best parts! But that’s life. Hurry up so you can get in on the action and I can do current recaps and we can talk about it!!!

One thought on “100ish Reasons to Watch CW’s The 100!

  1. This is beautiful, CoCo, and I’ll definitely try it this weekend. My favorite part, “The eye make-up / war paint of the grounders, which makes me want to use a heavy hand with my eyeliner next time I go out. It’s like an exaggerated version of mascara tears that flips the script and is instead a fearsome mask.”

    You are a poet.


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