#2 Leslie and Ann (Parks and Recreation) vs. #15 Benson and Rollins (Law and Order: SVU)

Look, you will never love someone the way Leslie Knope loves someone–it’s a state of complete devotion that has a toe over the ‘crazy’ line, but doesn’t become too worrisome.  And despite the love that Leslie has for Ron, April, Andy, Tom, Donna, Little Sebastian, and her husband, the true love story of Parks and Rec is that of Leslie and Ann.

The show legit starts with the two of them meeting in the first episode, and deciding to team up to build a park.  Their friendship is the fucking catalyst for the whole show.  How many other tournament friendships can claim that?

Leslie’s love for Ann is legend, and Ann is only occasionally fearsome of Leslie’s devotion.  They support each other and have a great balance of work and party in their friendship–they can get a park built, and celebrate by pounding shots at the Snake Hole Lounge, then get back to work the next day.  They never let men come between them–Leslie makes peace with Ann’s relationship with her former flame, Mark; years later, when she marries Ben, Ann is never sidelined–in fact even Ben seems aware that Ann may have a slightly larger place in Leslie’s heart.

Look, these two are likely to go far.  They’re hall of fame friendship cannon. They’re the face of strong female friendship.  And I only watch ‘Law & Order SVU when I’m sick, and therefor have no fond associations with it or it’s depiction of female friendship.

Vote Perkins/Knope.

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