#6 Bonnie & Caroline (Vampire Diaries) vs. #11 The Pretty Little Liars

Division IV: Friendships Under Fire

These friend groupings are impossible to assess.


I stopped watching Pretty Little Liars a while ago when I got tired of the way the show constantly jerks around its audience. A major pet peeve of mine is when show runners don’t think through the end of their shows; this is a particular problem when the central conceit of a show is a single mystery person. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Executive Producer Marlene King revealed that she didn’t know who would be the “real” A until several episodes after the first major fake-out reveal in season 2. That’s just sloppy.


That said, the 4 titular liars do build supportive friendships under fire. They emerge from their Stockholm syndrome-y devotion to the tyrannical master mean girl Alison, and they manage to form healthy friendships with each other.


They are also masters of getting dirty in fancy clothing, both literally and figuratively.




The liars also divide themselves pretty well into pairings, but most dominantly into the pairs Emily and Hanna (Hanily)


Who apparently had a kiss this last season! Do I want to dive back in?! IDK, it seems like a lot of work…


and Spencer and Aria (Sparia):



Other solid pairings include Emria, the pair making this unfortunate hair choice:


and Arianna:


Spencer is often patronizing and bossy towards her friends, but when it counts she really has their backs:






If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with these portmanteaus.

Caroline and Bonnie, by Christina

Ok for two seasons I was emotionally invested with Pretty Little Liars, but come on. Caroline and Bonnie, nay, Care Bear and Bon-Bon OBVIOUSLY win this round.  If you’re in trouble, Caroline would massacre an army to save you, then throw a ‘welcome home’ brunch in your honor.  If that fails, Bonnie will sacrifice her life so that you can attend that brunch.

Like, I’m gonna save my energy on these two cause I’m betting on them to go the distance, but let me just refresh your memory about a few key moments:

Remember when Bonnie insisted Damon give Caroline his blood, saving her life/turning her into a vampire when Katherine killed her? If it were up to Elena, Care-Bear would have been no more. Remember when Caroline was the driving force in getting Jeremy and Bonnie together? Remember when Caroline stepped in as Bonnie’s protector, forcing Elena to recognize that Bonnie is always the one who suffers the slings and arrows of the trio’s outrageous fortune? And these are only incidents from the second season–I got six years of examples.

And they’re not just amazing friends with each other, they’re amazing friends in general.  How many problems has Caroline solved for Stefan and Elena? How many times has Bonnie endangered her life for Damon and Elena? How many times have they resisted the obvious option of casting off Elena forever, ensuring their own sanity and safety?

Like, I’m glad that the Liars were able to share sexual experimentation and dramatic reaction shots, but it’s Caroline and Bonnie for the win. Hell, I’d bet on them to make it to the final four.

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