#8 Jessie, Lisa, & Kelly (Saved by the Bell) v. #9 Lizzie & Miranda (Lizzie McGuire)

Division I: School BFFs

#8 Jessie, Lisa, & Kelly (Saved by the Bell) v. #9 Lizzie & Miranda (Lizzie McGuire)

I’m just going to come out and say it, Lizzie McGuire taught me a lot about how to navigate middle school.


I never had Lizzie’s aspirations of popularity, but I did relate to her constant desire for the new coolest consumer products and the navigating a school as a relative nobody (with friends, but largely invisible to the general student body).


Throughout all her tribulations, Lizzie had her trusty friends Miranda and Gordo by her side.



At the time I couldn’t help but compare the trio to Harry, Ron, and Hermione; in this analogy, Lizzie=Harry and Miranda=Ron. (Only in this parallel Hermione ends up with Harry, as JK Rowling apparently and maddeningly intended). While Lizzie (and Harry) took center stage, Miranda (Ron) were flaky, vain, and driven in their own ways–ways that sometimes conflicted with our main characters.



Perhaps because I never watched Saved by the Bell, in my mind Miranda and Lizzie represent the ultimate middle school relationship: devoted, awkward, occasionally competitive, and obsessed with their social standing.



As they navigate the turbulent waters of adolescent, you get the feeling that they may not remain friends until adulthood, but they are completely there for each other in the moment.


I’m also fairly sure Miranda taught me about anorexia.


And, oh my god those styles.



images-6 images-7 images-8 images-9

Since this tournament thing is moving slowly, I’m just going to post this one-sided argument. If anyone cares to make a case for Saved by the Bell, go for it.

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