#5 Jess & Cece v. #12 Carrie & Charlotte

Division III: Friends from Childhood, Neighbors, & the Unexplainable Unknown-6 We have the ladies from SATC on here a bunch. Sorry not sorry. Unknown images I think we can all agree that the Carrie & Charlotte pairing is a weaker one. While Charlotte can seem like an outlier among the SATC girls, she brings something really interesting to the group: she is more conservative than her friends, but she also challenges them to remain optimistic and to retain their senses of wonder. images-5 images-3 She also represents a journey that many women around the country can relate to: learning the difference between reality and fantasy. images-1 images-6 That said, Carrie often treats her with kid gloves. They often patronize each other. Charlotte often plays the mother. images-4 But, like all the women in SATC, they have each other’s backs when they really need it. images-2 Charlotte gives Carrie some tough love about money, and eventually sells her ring to help Carrie.

Charlotte calls Carrie out about cheating with Big.

Charlotte has Carrie’s back when Big leaves her at the aisle (in the movie, but it’s part of the canon).

Unknown-2images-7 Unknown-1 images-8

Notice a trend here? images-10 As for Jess and Cece, I’ve gone back and forth on my feelings about New Girl, but Jess and Cece’s relationship is comforting. Unknown-4 Early in the show, when you learn that Jess has a model for a best friend, I thought they were going to introduce a shallow, one-dimensional character for the male characters to ogle. And that is part of the show. But as the seasons have developed, Cece has become a well-rounded character in her own right, and her friendship with Jess is believable and charming. Unknown-5 images-9 Ultimately, their friendship is not a central feature of the show. But that’s almost better because they don’t consistently have drama to keep things interesting. They can just be. Supportive and consistent. images-11 images-12 I think there are stronger depictions of female friendship on TV, but they certainly have enough to move past the first round.

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