“Stuck in Love” (2012) is Pretty Darn Adorable

I love the movie Stuck in Love. It’s a solid story with solid performances. Each character completes a journey, and it just works.


The movie follows three writers in the Borgens family: father and accomplished novelist Greg Kinnear


college-aged daughter Lily Collins (for more on her work, see Colleen’s review of Love, Rosie)


and high school-aged son Nat Wolff


They’re the kind of family that workshops their work together. And the words they use when they speak together are nowhere near as pretentious as the protagonists in The Fault in Our Stars.


It’s not so bad. He doesn’t go blind in this movie.

As the title suggests, they each go through various stages of love. In an effort to avoid spoilers–I want people to watch the movie instead of read my summary–I will focus on some of my favorite bits of Lily Collins’ relationship with Logan Lerman.


I’m totally obsessed with Lily Collins’ look–the eyebrows! the hair! She has an ethereal quality to me, and I totally buy that she’s Jennifer Connelly’s daughter in the movie.

Unknown-1 Unknown


I didn’t fall in love with Logan Lerman during Perks of Being a Wallflower like so many people, but now I get it. Maybe it’s because he’s just so darn sweet to Lily Collins.




Their romance charts a familiar arc: she’s uninterested in romance or love, but they have a connection.


He spends the first act trying to convince her to go out with him, with that winning combination of harassment, flirtation, and charm.


I give him a pass because he comes across as just so genuine. And this film is like a cookie, don’t think too hard about what you’re eating.


This movie also addresses one of my pet peeves in film and TV: even though it takes place in California, it depicts winter! Characters wear coats! There’s even a little snow!



Greg Kinnear manages to pull off that winning combination between neurotic and charming that we all love, and he portrays a believable parental relationship towards his children.

images-3 images-2


Look, you know it’s a good movie when you make me (someone who avoids the genre of horror as a rule) want to read the book It, and when Kristen Bell is the weakest character.

Unknown-4 Unknown-3

Well done, Stuck in Love. Stream it on Netflix.


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