#7 Britta & Annie (Community) vs #10 Patsy & Edina (Absolutely Fabulous)

Division II: Work Friends

This is tough.  Two of my my favorite comedies, both anchored in the friendships of the characters.  I spent the weekend in Coco‘s hometown, and she must have rubbed off on me, because the only way I can think of to settle this fight is through a GIF rundown.

Britta and Annie


Patsy and Edina

Look, I entered this posting thinking Patsy and Edina were a sure thing. However, like most comedies, AbFab hasn’t aged well, and an official summery of the show describes Patsy not as Edina’s friend, but as her enabler. While my respect for Patsy’s withering bitch face should have been all the duo needed to advance, I’m switching it up. While I doubt Britta and Annie will make it out of the next round, they win this one.

One thought on “#7 Britta & Annie (Community) vs #10 Patsy & Edina (Absolutely Fabulous)

  1. I haven’t seen AbFab so I’m going with Community. Honestly though, those homophobia Gifs would have won me over regardless. So good!


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