WTF?! Or, my review of the film Ask Me Anything

Spoiler alert for Ask Me Anything

I was supposed to write a research proposal today, but instead I decided to watch a randomly suggested movie on Netflix. It’s always a gamble, but sometimes you get something good. I wanted to watch Say Anything, but it isn’t on Netflix streaming and it suggested  Ask Me Anything, so I went for it.


Same thing?

The blurb and trailer looked promising. Messed up 18 year old girl sleeping around with older men. I was on board. It has Christian Slater, Martin Sheen Jed Bartlet, and Justin Long in it. Britt Robertson (of The Longest Yard fame) plays the protagonist Katie.



I was on board until the last 30 minutes. The main character is pregnant, unsure of what to do, and asks Jed Bartlet for advice. At the beginning of the movie, she works for him in his bookstore. But she quits the job when her soon-to-be-stepfather googles him and tells her that he is a convicted sex offender. Bartlet tells her that the conviction is from a night that he got wasted and sexually assaulted someone, but he has no memory of it. He has a line that goes something like, “it wasn’t exactly rape in the way you traditionally think about it.” WTF?


Then he gives her a pro-life message about how very few people have ever regretted having children, that she can come and work for him and live with him rent-free, and that he would be happy to raise the child as his own. WTF?!?!


Just to be clear, this character has had 2 scenes in the movie and has spent maybe 3 weeks of time with our protagonist, whose father was a horrible parent and should provide some counter-evidence to Bartlet’s claim.


That’s what patriarchy looks like.

Then the movie turns into a fucking afternoon special. The movie has been told from Katie’s perspective, as written into a very popular but anonymous blog.


The last 5 minutes are her mother reaching out to her readers to see if anyone knows where Katie is. She corrects some of the information we think we know about some of the main characters, and it’s visually represented with different actors and Lifetime movie haze.


The final line is her mother asking who would hurt Katie, and then answering, “everyone.”


And that’s it.

I immediately took to the internet, and learned that it’s based on the book Undiscovered Gyrl by Allison Burnett, who is indeed a man. Here’s a review of the book. I won’t be reading it.


It was as if it were going for a Gone Girl twist [spoiler alert], but didn’t execute it well and decided to make it the traditional cautionary tale about not lying on the internet or getting help from professionals if you are grieving or suffering from abuse.


Has anyone else seen or read this story? Because I need to discuss it with someone.

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