Hannah & Marnie (Girls) v. Carrie & Miranda (Sex and the City)

Division III: Friends from Childhood, Neighbors, & the Unexplainable #7 Hannah & Marnie, by Swells

You already know some of my feelings about Hannah and Marnie from my stream-of-consciousness Girls post.


Hannah and Marnie’s relationship boils down to selfishness. Indeed, friendships (like all relationships) require you to sometimes put your own wants and needs aside in order to help others. But good friendships also allow for your friend to call you out if you are being particularly selfish or needy. This line becomes fuzzy when two incredibly self-involved people are friends. This is the case with Hannah and Marnie.


Marnie thinks she is better than Hannah.


Hannah thinks she is kinder than Marnie.


They have both abandoned/betrayed the other in a time of need:


But then they have moments where they really pull through for each other, and honestly they need to call each other out for their shit:


My final take-away: they deserve each other, but they lack the mutual respect necessary to make it very far in a strong female friendship tournament

#10 Carrie & Miranda, by Christina

Part of me wants to abandon this battle right now.  My heart just ain’t in it. I think because while my memory of Sex and the City is that Miranda and Carrie had a lovely friendship:

Carrie ditched a sure thing to squeeze Miranda’s hand during labor, a moment that deserves it’s own SFF sacramental candle

Yet Hannah and Marnie have a sadly realistic friendship, and I’m interested in seeing it go through to the next round, deserving or not. Unable to muster the strength to hunt for GIFs and Vulture.com articles to fight my battle for me, I decided to get all STEM about it.  I turned to Youtube and typed in ‘Hannah and Marnie’ and got a string of clips from Girls, but when I typed in ‘Miranda and Carrie’ got this music video:

And doesn’t that say it all? Hannah and Marnie win this round, largely aided by my exhaustion from finals

Agree? Disagree? Vote below!

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