Just Kiss Him Already!

Spoiler alert

I audibly yelled at my TV screen at the end of the season finale of The Good Wife. There was a lovely farewell scene between Alicia and Kalinda, who is not coming back next season, and I’ve already shared my thoughts on their strong female friendship.


The season ended with another game-changing job proposition, this time Louis Canning offering to be Alicia’s law partner in her solo firm.


Last season it was Eli asking her to run for state’s attorney, a pointless race that she never really seemed all that into that dominated this season.


Two seasons ago it was Cary at her door asking Alicia to start a new firm with him. I enjoyed that plot development, but I hated how their firm so completely morphed back into Lockhart Gardner after Will died, moving back into their old offices and barely re-shuffling the personnel.


But what made me shout was yet another postponement/denial/rejection of a will-they-or-won’t-they potential romance.


Seriously, I have been so distraught about the Finn-Alicia thing that when Matthew Goode appeared at the end of this last season of Downton Abbey I was not having it because I cannot stand another slow and chaste flirtation with him on screen. I just can’t take it.


It took Alicia and Will 2 seasons to have their hotel rendezvous, but they were dripping with sexual tension from the pilot, so it felt like forever.

With Portuguese subtitles, natch.

And then they were only together for half a season before breaking up because things were too complicated. I honestly think most of the scenes we’ve had of them together are in flashbacks.


Then they were in this awkward situation where they both wanted to get back together but they couldn’t because Will was too proud and Alicia was too prejudiced….or am I thinking about a different story?


Even when Will hated Alicia for leaving the firm, they/I/the whole world wanted them to get back together.


And then Robert and Michelle King KILLED WILL. They shot him down in a court room and I am still not emotionally over it. If you’re counting, this totals to 4 seasons of Will and Alicia in sexual tension, 0.5 of them actually together.


Enter Finn Polmar. He’s a little softer than Will, and he was with Will when he died, so it all comes full circle.


And their flirting is so cute.


And for a while this season there was Johnny, Alicia’s campaign manager. It took me a while to get on board with it, and then he went away.


I thought, that’s great, Alicia’s allowed to have a little fling. And there’s still Finn.


But no, Finn’s trying to repair things with his ex-wife and Alicia will never tell anyone how she feels about them, and it’s another relationship that’s over before it even starts.


Seriously, the Kings know how to play with an audience. There were so many scenes with Alicia and Finn and he was so firmly putting a boundary between them that when someone knocked on the door, Alicia and the audience were convinced it was him. But no.


Sometimes The Good Wife has too much reality for me. Alicia is just too sensible for her own good.

One thought on “Just Kiss Him Already!

  1. I only saw your title before I watched this episode and I mistakenly thought it simply said “just kiss already” and, as such, I was so excited to see if you were directing that to Kalinda and Alicia or Alicia and Finn!! I was fairly excited because maybe you were some secret Kalicia shipper and you were finally going to vent your frustration here in honor of Kalinda’s last episode. This makes more sense. I’m with you re: the will they or won’t they tension. It can be a bit unbearable. Also, I echo your feelings about the way the series has been jumping all over the place. I wish there was still the tension with the old law firm and the new Alicia and Cary firm. And I realllllllly hope they don’t pursue this presidency thing. Like, too real. Yes, I understand that politics and politicians are integral to the series but I cannot stand to have more presidential bullshit next year—even if it’s not real. I wouldn’t have minded her working together with Michael J. Fox (I’m sorry, I only ever see the actor, not the character), but I’m over the whole antagonist law firm thing. That’s it. Otherwise, some highs and lows for me and I still love Alicia and the gang and will be back for more next season.

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