The Project Leda Clones (Orphan Black) v. Sookie & Tara (True Blood)

Division IV Friendships under Fire The Project Leda Clones (7) v. Sookie & Tara

Do the Project Leda Clones count as friends?

Cosima and Sarah are chummy, and share some mutual respect. But how many times have the respective sestras attempt to murder each other? And yet… I wasted six stupid years on True Blood, the show that went nowhere worthwhile, the show that wasted so much potential. Sookie and Tara are equally self righteous and insufferable. The best thing I can say about their friendship is that they deserve each other. Sookie was so selfish she couldn’t even let Tara die peacefully, instead arranging for her to be turned into one of Bon Temps saddest vampires. I could name a dozen more examples on how they’re both terrible friends, but again, six stupid years were wasted on this show, and it’s time to move on. Congrats Project Leda Clones, you move on to the next round.

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