Rory & Paris (Gilmore Girls) vs. Jenna & Tamara (Awkward.)

Divison I. School BFFs

Round 1: (5) Rory & Paris vs. (12) Jenna & Tamara

Full disclosure: I can’t contribute much to this round, due to my inadequate familiarity in many of these shows. I’ll let my fellow authors pick up the mantle in my absence. Remember to scroll down and vote in our poll!

That aside, I will intervene in one match-up:

Rory & Paris vs. Jenna & TamaraUnknownUnknown-1

In my opinion, this is a very difficult category. Each pair are challenging friendships, and I frequently think the friends misunderstand/barely tolerate each other. Both Paris and Tamara are high-strung and serve as the “crazy” contrast to our leading ladies. But Rory and Jenna aren’t easy friends. They’re self-involved and they (or the writers of the shows) often use their respective friends as sounding boards for their own problems. But these friendships are rarely two-way; Rory and Jenna do not go out of their way to reach out to Paris or Tamara when they are having problems. Their issues are seen as part of their difficult personalities. “Paris is being Paris, let’s get out of here.” images-1TamaragifI’m really torn. I’ve seen far more of Gilmore Girls, but Rory has no idea how to be a good friend. I think. While Rory and Paris grow and mature together, their friendship really doesn’t. Rory doesn’t need Paris because her ultimate relationship is with her current boyfriend (#teamLogan) and her mother. imagesimages-2Jenna makes more of an effort, but she’s just too caught up in her own boy drama to be truly supportive of Tamara. But I believe there is more genuine feeling there. images-3I’m going to have to go with Jenna and Tamara on this one. images-4 Feel free to disagree in the comments and VOTE!

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