Division I. Teen Queens & High School BFFs

Here it is, the first division of the Strong Female Friendship March May Madness Tournament.  Some of the iconic television friendships can be found in teen tv shows—many of which are set in the hallowed halls of high school (regardless of actual age of actress). So, from our list of 64 strong-female-friendships-on-tv-since-1987 (which we’ve divided into four categories that more or less make sense), our first division is made up of 16 friendships that, for the majority of the time, occur in the context of school (mostly high school). Ahhh, high school friendships… when hormones run high and the CW network reigns supreme.

(Click for a larger size!)


Updated: Wanna get full-on crazy with us? Download our bracket and fill it out with your predictions!! 

SFF Bracket

2 thoughts on “Division I. Teen Queens & High School BFFs

  1. Heeeere we GO! OMG is that the spy lady from home land??? My bf is obssessed with that show! It’s way too scary for me! I keep thinking, oh no that could be my dad! She looks so weird and young here! Those girls from melrose place get my vote!


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