Strong Female Friendship Playoffs

Welcome to the March May Madness Strong Female Friendship Playoffs, where TV’s greatest-lady-friends-since-1987* compete to find out who has the strongest of female friendships.

Ranked below are your competitors.  Which friends deserve to be a top seed? Which pair is in insult to the notion of friendship? How should other kinds of bonds be evaluated, like mothers-daughters or sisters? What about when the friendship becomes a romance? Or is romantic on one side? Who’s going to break it to Bri if Xena and Gabby don’t win the title? Stay tuned as we pair them up, duke it out in argumentative posts, and vote.

  1. Meredith and Christina (Grey’s Anatomy, 2005)
  2. Rachel and Monica (Friends, 1994)
  3. Brenda and Kelly (90210, 1990)
  4. Lorelei and Rory (Gilmore Girls, 2000)
  5. Xena and Gabby (Xena: Warrior Princess, 1995)
  6. Leslie and Ann (Parks and Recreation, 2009)
  7. Brooke and Peyton (One Tree Hill, 2003)
  8. Hannah and Marni (Girls, 2012)
  9. Alicia and Kalinda (The Good Wife, 2009)
  10. Bo and Kenzie (Lost Girl, 2010)
  11. Carrie and Miranda (Sex and the City, 1998)
  12. Rory and Paris (Gilmore Girls, 2000)
  13. Patsy and Edina (Absolutely Fabulous, 1992)
  14. Buffy and Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 1997)
  15. Susan, Lynette, Bree, and Gabrielle (Desperate Housewives, 2004)
  16. Jessie, Lisa, Kelly (Saved by the Bell, 1989)
  17. Abby and Ilana (Broad City, 2014)
  18. Rory and Lane (Gilmore Girls, 2000)
  19. Carrie and Samantha (Sex and the City, 1998)
  20. Sookie and Tara (True Blood, 2008)
  21. Blair and Serena (Gossip Girl, 2007)
  22. Sansa and Margaery (Game of Thrones, 2011)
  23. Leslie and April (Parks and Recreation, 2009)
  24. Daria and Jane (Daria, 1997)
  25. Olivia and Abby (Scandal, 2012)
  26. Elena and Caroline (Vampire Diaries, 2009)
  27. Elena and Bonnie (Vampire Diaries, 2009)
  28. Bonnie and Caroline (Vampire Diaries, 2009)
  29. Carrie and Charlotte (Sex and the City, 1998)
  30. The Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars, 2010)
  31. Lemon and AnnaBeth (Hart of Dixie, 2011)
  32. Peggy and Joan (Mad Men, 2007)
  33. Robin and Lily (How I Met Your Mother, 2005)
  34. Miranda and Charlotte (Sex and the City, 1998)
  35. Lady Mary and Anna (Downton Abbey, 2011)
  36. Miranda and Samantha (Sex and the City, 1998)
  37. Jenna and Liz (30 Rock, 2006)
  38. Taystee and Poussey (OITNB, 2013)
  39. Sophia and Sister Jane (OITNB, 2013)
  40. Yoga Jones and Janae (OITNB, 2013)
  41. Charlotte and Samantha (Sex and the City, 1998)
  42. Lorelei and Sookie (Gilmore Girls, 2000)
  43. Jess and Cece (New Girl, 2011)
  44. Veronica and Mac (Veronica Mars, 2004)
  45. Jenna and Tamara (Awkward., 2011)
  46. Karma and Amy (Faking It, 2014)
  47. Rizzoli and Isles (Rizzoli and Isles, 2010)
  48. Claire and Geillis (Outlander, 2014)
  49. Gabriella and Shay (Chicago Fire, 2012)
  50. Alex and Penny (Happy Endings, 2011)
  51. Bay and Daphne (Switched at Birth, 2013)
  52. D.J. and Kimmy (Full House, 1987)
  53. Lizzie and Miranda (Lizzie McGuire, 2001)
  54. Topanga and Angela (Boy Meets World, 1993/1997 for Angela)
  55. Summer and Marissa (The O.C., 2003)
  56. Angela and Rayanne (My So-Called Life, 1994)
  57. The Project Leda Clones (Orphan Black, 2013)
  58. Benson and Rollins (Law & Order: SVU, 1999/2007 for Rollins)
  59. Ally and Renée (Ally McBeal, 1997)
  60. Britta and Annie (Community, 2009)
  61. Maggie and Emma (Playing House, 2014)
  62. Pam and Cheryl (Archer, 2012)
  63. Daenerys and Missandei (Game of Thrones, 2011)
  64. Rayna and Juliette (Nashville, 2012)

2 thoughts on “Strong Female Friendship Playoffs

  1. This is SO great! My bf is super anoying during that basketball tournament. Now I’m gonna make him fill out one of these! He prob wouldn’t even know half of these!

    Who’s everyone’s favorites? Do I get a vote?

    I wish Mary and Lucy from 7th Heaven were on here! They’d be my number one! And if you need anyone to write about Rayna and Juliette let me know!


    1. Of course you’ll get to vote!! It may take us a while to get things going (or not, depending on how much we avoid our real work) but we’re not in any rush. Once we have the pairings, we’ll have a poll to vote for the winner of each match :)


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