Gird your loins–Poldark is coming

For the past month, my Sunday evenings have been brightened by one show, and one man in particular.

poldark 1

Aidan Turner…


As Ross Poldark…


With these abs.

But let’s pretend I watch it for the quality scripts…


(Fun fact–painting dirt on a shirtless Aidan Turner is a real job)

The thing is though, the scripts are good! This show is far more than a guilty pleasure!

Poldark‘ is the story of Ross Poldark, an officer recently returned from fighting in the American Revolution to his beloved Cornwall. Upon arrival, he finds his father dead, his family mine closed, and his paramour, Elizabeth, married to his cousin. Let the brooding begin!


Armed with only his steely sense of work and justice, the help of a rescued waif-turned kitchen maid-turned love interest Demelza, and his beautiful face, Ross Poldark works to rebuild his life and care for the downtrodden and maligned workers of Cornwall, while sticking it to the landed gentry he’s turned his back on.


It’s currently airing on BBC1, and is coming to Masterpiece in June. It will make you forget you ever convinced yourself you love Downton Abbey.

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