Fare thee well, Bluebell.

The Season 4 finale of Hart of Dixie recently aired and for those of you who watched the show and stuck with it—by the way, congrats on that accomplishment; four seasons is a serious commitment!—you are probably, nay, undoubtedly, feeling FEELINGS. [Stop reading if you care about being “surprised” about who ends up with whom… I mean, you should probably have guessed by now. It’s not like this is a Walking Dead level of spoiler risk. But still. Fair’s fair.] tumblr_mpzes7oBue1sadtdbo1_500 We still don’t have “official word” from the powers-at-be about whether or not there will be a fifth season but, C’MON Y’ALL, that episode was not just a season finale, but a series FINALE. From this season’s abridged 10-episode schedule and neatly (for better or worse) tied-up story lines and character arcs, we all knew the end was nigh. In truth, the entire season has felt like an encore for its fans. Final seasons can be 1) surprise! oh shit, we got cancelled? 2) a last grasp at another season and thus… [cliffhanger]… 3) a planned conclusion to mixed reviews where everyone’s all, that’s the real Gossip Girl???? or 4) an homage to [most of] its fans. For me, the cast and crew did an excellent job at this fourth option. Other reviews seem to echo these sentiments—the observations of the show’s small yet devoted fan base, the wry acknowledgment of both its faults and charms, and the general satisfaction with the concluding chapter. For me, Hart of Dixie episode 4.10, “Bluebell,” managed to tie up the obvious story lines in a predictable yet satisfactory manner. I felt a sense of commitment that comes with a tidy conclusion. In truth, it was sweet as pie. Unabashedly bubbly. Almost ostentatiously on-the-nose in the best way possible. I mean, the damned thing ended in an extended song-and-dance performance by the entire town!

It was like Stars Hollow on laughing gas. (The Stars Hollow comparison is not new, and, in my opinion, Gilmore Girls has long been the closest comparison to Hart of Dixie, with Hart of Dixie as Gilmore Girls lesser-known, underdeveloped, and more trite cousin.) Not only did it end with the performers SINGING, but it also had a declaration of love, a proposal, a marriage, and a baby, among other life moments. Phew. Forget a single wedding, which isn’t unheard of, Hart of Dixie gave fans all sorts of happy bows and ribbons and then broke into song! Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.58.58 AM Hart of Dixie and Bluebell have always managed to evoke a nostalgic musical vibe—never as witty or snarky as the Gilmore Girls’ Stars Hollow, nor as teenaged angst-ridden as most shows aimed at teen (?!) girls* or the other shows on the CW, for that matter. It kind of always had an ABC Family vibe. And, I mean, the musical ending. It was both out of place, and exactly right. Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 12.59.26 AM (*Is it actually aimed at teen girls? I have no idea. I am not one of those. And, now that I think of it, it seems to be more likely directed toward 20-somethings who grew up with a certain type of show, still watch the CW, and have a soft spot for Rachel Bilson and her ilk.) I’ll just, I’ll just miss so many things.  I’ll miss Annabeth Nass’s brand of sass. #NassSass tumblr_nlznx7JWQh1qhc9d1o1_r1_500  tumblr_nlznx7JWQh1qhc9d1o3_500 I’ll miss the opposites-attract (but never crossed that line) friendship between Lemon and Wade. tumblr_nlzuygMyTI1rzygv0o8_250 I’ll miss Lemon and Lavon. Oh, how I loved when she finally kissed him (again) this season. I loved Lemon’s look here. tumblr_nktuo9LS3E1qkm0g7o1_400  tumblr_nkvbmbHdZy1surf6zo1_540 La. Well, there’s so much to review and recollect, but one need not do it all now. We may look forward to further reminiscences at our leisure. Sidenotes: Lemon continued to excel sartorially. I will truly miss her costumes. I was a big fan of this crop top and midi, pleated, swing skirt, topped with start jewelry. I was less into her gingham get-up earlier in the episode. tumblr_nkthpiyeSz1surf6zo3_540 hart-of-dixie-11-775x532 Lord. Remember when we first met Lemon??? tumblr_nl7atb5iod1surf6zo1_1280  tumblr_nmbne5AKRZ1rbhhn1o8_250 I’m feeling the need to devote an entire post to Lemon’s best outfits… Though you can find other sites/posts already featuring such galleries front and center. This buzzfeed  round-up has a nice collection, not to mention this more informative worn-on-tv site with lots of Lemon’s pieces for those who are bit more obsessive in their fashion quests. lemon-breeland lemons-yellow-beaded-dress jamie-king-2 enhanced-27151-1412047619-4 ALSO! A former O.C. cast member  showed up in the finale for a guest spot, which makes me happy because it suggests Autumn and Rachel are IRL bffs, which is all kinds of #strongfemalefriendship. 1504523 See also: Various instagrams from the cast, for those fans who want some deep cuts. You’ve got a beer pong video featuring Todd and Wanda (#Tanda) and George Tucker and Annabeth Nass (#GeorgiaBeth). PS – I feel like George’s and Annabeth’s characters were usually followed by their last name whereas Todd and Wannda not so much. Actually, many of the characters were frequently addressed with their first and last names. I guess, partly because one character was always exasperated with another character and so the full name came out?

This cute group-selfie courtesy of Scott Porter’s instagram: Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.30.07 PM And this rather saccharine Wade-n-Lemon post from Jaime King’s instagram: Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 3.29.20 PM Take care, Bluebell. You weren’t always great, but you were always good.

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