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Missouri Compromise: Primary Documents of American History . The Primary Sources Tool: Curating citations for Wikidata statements (Marco Fossati). From APA Style Blog: Research. A German historian, over 100 years ago, said it Going back to primary sources is like However, if you dont trust that person, if you think their version is a exaggerated or  The American Economy: Essays and primary source documents - Google Books Result. Sources of Funds for Highways Highway users are the primary source of funds the largest segment of highway user fees (almost two-thirds of the total) while other Since the inception of this tax over 95 years ago in Oregon, gasoline that is  Why Study History Through Primary Sources - Internet History . Josefina, 54, is married with two married children and a recently divorced daughter moved in with her parents about a year ago, bringing a two- year old son with her. Either a daughter or husband were mentioned as the primary sources of  ARCHIVED - Defining Primary and Secondary Sources - Toolkit . Second Edition: Data Opposing CO2 Emissions as the Primary Source of the effect of solar variation on global climate, and the effect of CO2 on global climate. . He studies the relationship of 25-30 year glacial and ocean warming and  Wikipedia:Identifying and using primary sources - Wikipedia. Moreover, Gibbon carefully studied and compared all the primary sources, and it About thirty years ago, however, a French scholar pointed out that there was . die Geschichtswerke des Europäischen Mittelalters bis 1500, 2 Vols., 2d ed.,  Traffic & Highway Engineering - SI Version - Google Books Result. Sets of primary sources on baseball, Jamestown, Jim Crow laws, the Civil on the ways in which children worked, learned, and played around the year 1900. Wikipedia talk:No original research/Primary v. secondary sources . depression two years ago instead of fighting ever since that time against the most destructive force which we have ever met in the whole history of the United  Getting Started - Finding Historical Primary Sources - Library Guides . We have published a revised version of our Privacy Statement. Two of the most common questions are about whether its okay to cite websites published within a certain time frame to be cited, such as the last 5 or 10 years. APA recommends citing primary sources whenever possible, because this